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With Teamwork We Deliver Quality Leads That Will Grow Your Business

At Phenom Marketing and Advertising, We take a strategic approach to help you get more qualified leads. This will help you focus on running your business at it's full potential. Nathaniel Gooding and his team are motivated and passionate to help you solve your lead generation challenges.


(with people supporting you)

At Phenom Marketing and Advertising, We create advertising campaigns that attract customers to your business. This will help you focus on running your business at it's full potential.


Let Us Show You What We Can Do

  1.  First off: what is a phenom? a person of phenomenal ability or          promise. Does this sound like you?


  3. Schedule a Demo So That We Can Walk You Through The Process of Getting Customer s with the Phenom leverage

Phenom Marketing


Too good to be true? This is another reason why we don't do any contracts and work month to month. We will educate you on every step so that you are aware of the results.

We will:

  • manage your Ad Spend for a better ROI,

  • Build you custom audiences that are most likely to take action on your offers

  • Set up Re-marketing so that your customer keeps you top of mind an mind

  • Build Messenger Bots for customer service

  • Email/Text Marketing Campaigns


(with human support even if you don't know how to find them)

F.A.Q.s About Advertising

How Do I Get Started?

Who is qualified to work with Phenom Marketing and Advertising

We will need to get a bit more information about you and your business so we can help you reach your goals

1. Fill in the form or schedule an appointment

2. We will qualify if our solutions can help you

3. We will create a campaign that is specific for your business

4. We will execute the Plan to find your customers

Any Business that is not a start up or MLM

Are there any Guarantees that I will get results?

What other services does Phenom Marketing and Advertising Inc. provide?

Phenom Marketing and Advertising offers Lead generation on any platform that allows advertising. 


 We will Build your ads, emails, and marketing funnels! Check our services tab for more information.

What is your pricing?

We would need to get more information about your business and your business goals first before we can give you a result. 


We then bill the first month upfront just so we know you're serious. Essentially you are being billed for strategy, consulting, management, maintenance and services. and will return your money back if we get no results.

 We will bring you Customers or you don't pay! If you aren't happy with any results you can leave at any time. We won't bind you into contracts


These are the factors that are out of our control:

  • The ad networks (what order the ad platform places your ad)

  • Your competition

  • The economy

  • World events

  • News or Media

  • Seasonal Sales

  • Technical malfunctions or outages in networks and web platforms

  • Your sales funnel (We can't force anyone to opt into your services)

  • Your sales copy (We can't force anyone to click on your ad and like your landing page)

  • Your branding or design

  • Your promotional offers

  • Your products or services (We can't force anyone to buy your products or services)

  • Your prices

  • Your customer audience

  • Your customer service

  • The way your company, employees or team members conducts business with the marketplace

How Much Should I Spend On Ads/Month?

Where do the customers come from?

The customers come from whichever platform we are advertising on and will be stored in a spreadsheet that we will give you!

To be worth your time, schedule a DEMO with us so we can help you figure out how much you should be investing into your marketing for the best results . You need a marketing budget for tracking and getting results from testing. This will help you understand what works and what does not work. Contact us for more details on strategy that fits your budget.

I've tried ads before and it didn't work

This is very common and we realized that after doing advertising for a while that it takes expert skill and understanding of the industry to get results. Usually the problem is a user error and not a platform error. Social media is just a tool to carve your message and reach the masses. it is up to you as the business owner to position your brand message properly for results.

How long does it take to get results?

We recommend you view the first 30-days as the setup phase and allow up to 2 - 3 months for a reasonable amount of testing to enable your ad account to mature and become profitable. We can occasionally have immediate results however normally our system requires building, optimization and scaling over time and it is absolutely necessary to run a good amount of traffic in the account so that we can collect enough data to make good decisions.

Do you lock us into contracts?

No, If you don't like the results you can leave at any time. You may cancel ongoing services, retainer, or hourly services at any time. We may cancel or void your payments before any service has begun.

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